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  1. Hey there.

    Welcome to our new website. We are excited to have this up and running and owe Kim Chomiak a BIG thank you for making it happen. We will be on a local rogers television show; Georgian Bay Arts with Damian Spaulding on December 4th/2013 as well as playing at Molly Blooms in the new year. We will keep you posted on all upcoming shows so keep checking the site and feel free to leave questions or comments.

  2. Here we are again …at the kitchen table…as is our wont for sure most Tuesday nights. Tonight is a little different from our normal routine, in that we are slightly agonizing over our upcoming TV appearance. We’re coming to a little screen near you and we’d like to make a good impression. What do we wear? What shall we say and what will we play? The very best that we can show say or do on a Wednesday December 4th at 9sies PM…on Rogers TV…The Georgian Bay Arts Show. Sales pitch much?…You decide. Just be there in our square if you dare. xo

  3. Well…what a night last night! We had a great time at Rogers TV in Collingwood, taping Georgian Bay Arts. A BIG “Thank you!” to Damian Spaulding, host of the show. What a wonderful venue for artists of all kinds to showcase what they do. It seems there are less and less places for original artists to gain exposure, funding and support. This is a light in a dark room. I would also like to thank Doug Measures, it has been a while since we have seen our friend. Doug has supported our music for a long time and does an awful lot for our community at large. So a pat on the back for him! Of course, a “Thank You!” as well to all the volunteers at Rogers. Camera crew, audio crew etc.
    Special thanks to Ian!
    Love and kudos to the band you guys rocked as always!
    If you didn’t catch the show and you want to, try 11:00pm Fri.Dec.6th or 10:00pm Sat.Dec.7th.

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