About Hunnay!



After years of performing individually, Laura Somers and Karen A. Witt joined forces and began a partnership that would become “HUNNAY!”.


Lee Chomiak, former drummer of Alannah Myles, caught the girls performing one night and found himself drawn in by their amazing vocals. Lee started working closely with Laura and Karen producing and recording their first full length C.D. “The Other Side Of The Coin”.

In the process, Lee became the bands full time drummer.  Lee has been involved in the music business professionally as a stage manger and technician for over 20 years working with Tom Cochrane, Kim Mitchell, Blue Rodeo, The Guess Who, Shakira, and Billy Talent to name only a few of the world class bands in his portfolio.

The addition of keyboardist/vocalist Diane Suite who is classically trained proved to be just what the band needed. Diane has worked with the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as well as performing with a number of bands of various genres.Diane Suite

Carl Rabinowitz has since joined the band and brought with him vast musical knowledge. His years of experience on both Bass and Guitar have been a huge asset to the project. Carl has worked with Laura and Karen in other projects locally and we were very excited to learn that he was interested in working with us.

Damian, Laura and Lee

Damian Arokium is such a great talent on guitar, he has worked and toured with some of Canada’s best musical artists such as Amanda Marshall, Melanie Doane and also works with Classic Albums Live on couple of different shows as their number 1 guitar player taking the spot light as Lead Guitarist. Working with Damian has given the band an exciting new focus and direction.

We have been working with Michael Borkosky as our producer on our new CD. He has a huge background in the professional music business both as musician and producer. He has worked and toured with Alannah Myles, Sass Jordan, Melanie Doane,  and has been the musical director of a few Canadian Idol tours. Michael has also produced recordings of Alannah Myles, ill Scarlett and many others. His valuable input has forever changed the music of Hunnay! for the better.

lauraOur first full length CD “The Other Side Of The Coin”, we had many guest artists playing on it and we are proud to have had them involved in the project.  Anne Lindsay (The Jim Cuddy Band) played violin on the first CD and is also on 2 of the new songs, David G. Rose (David Wilcox) played bass on 1 track of the first CD and is on 4 of the new songs. We also had many great local artists help us in the making of the first CD.

karenMike Oksman played guitar and bass on the majority of the first disc. Randy Davey played guitar on 90% of the disc and his twin brother Rick Davey played Bass on 1 track. Ian Simpson played guitar on 1 track and bass on a different track. Tim Irvine played guitar and dobro on a few tracks on the first CD. Also, a good friend of ours who lives in the U.S. but is originally from Canada, Bill St. Amour played both guitar and bass on a couple of different tracks on the first CD and help produce 1 track.

cd cover

We are eternally grateful to all of the people who pitched in and helped us in the making of our first full length disc and would be amiss for not mentioning them.